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Malmö Sankt Petri (M)



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Birch Jensen, Harriet*  22 Oct 1916Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6040
2 Broberg, Carl* Anders Vilhelm  1892Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6072
3 Broberg, Frej* Lorentz  20 May 1886Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6070
4 Broddesson, Elin* Cristina Elisabeth   I3632
5 Elsner, Alida* Maria Louvisa  3 Jul 1842Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I9400
6 Englund, Hilma* Edit Antonia  19 Oct 1884Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I3640
7 Falkenström, Carl-Gustav Björn* B   I3079
8 Falkenström, May Christina* Wiweka M   I3080
9 Frick, Anders*  12 Jan 1868Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6047
10 Frick, Anders* Gilius  11 Feb 1907Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6039
11 Frick, Anna Mathilda  19 Nov 1840Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6021
12 Frick, Carl*  19 Sep 1863Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6034
13 Frick, Elisabeth*  28 Jun 1870Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6050
14 Frick, Ernst* Gilius  5 Nov 1908Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6692
15 Frick, Lars*  6 Feb 1874Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6052
16 Frick, Malvina {Milla}  19 Mar 1875Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6053
17 Frick, Maria Margareta* {Greta*}  10 May 1905Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6037
18 Frick, Maria* Charlotta  10 Apr 1872Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6051
19 Frick, Otto*  28 Feb 1867Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6042
20 Frick, Rudolf*  6 Aug 1865Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6041
21 Kai-Larsen, Sven* Jakob August  7 Jun 1920Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I2028
22 Kull, Anne Marie  7 Jun 1923Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I3045
23 Köhler, Carl Magnus Sigfrid*  8 Feb 1869Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I854
24 Luthander, Carin* Alice Augusta  8 Jun 1910Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6703
25 Lynge-Ahlberg, Lars Einar Herman Fritiof  8 Sep 1913Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I4791
26 Malmros, Elin*  1879Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6007
27 Malmros, Hildur*  18 Nov 1877Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6006
28 Malmros, Karl  28 Nov 1885Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6008
29 Malmros, Laura*  7 Jul 1876Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6005
30 Moberg, Helena*   I7350
31 Pettersson, Rut Agata Sofia  7 May 1890Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I4675
32 Schmidt, Claes* Ove   I157
33 Schmidt, Hélèn* Lucky Marie   I158
34 Schmidt, Ylva* Serla Zuleika  19 Nov 1946Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I156
35 Serin, Carl Olof   I4702
36 Steijer, Johan Oskar Persson {Skijen?}  25 Sep 1873Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I4634
37 Sternerup, Erik Ingemar*   I5905
38 Wendt, Jonas Carl   I189
39 Wendt, Rasmus Inge   I188
40 Wendt, Terese* Lucky   I190


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andreasson, Anna Altéa  16 Nov 1961Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6732
2 Ehrenstam, Jon* Ernst Albin (Ottosson)  18 Nov 1954Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I8078
3 Frick, Bo* Rudolf  22 Sep 1985Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6089
4 Frick, Elisabeth {Lisa}  6 Mar 1980Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6093
5 Frick, Elisabeth*  13 Mar 1949Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6050
6 Frick, Maria* Jacobina  11 Aug 1886Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6033
7 Frick, Otto* Fredrik  2 Aug 1906Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6020
8 Hamilton, Gustaf Archibald  20 May 1931Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I9402
9 Luthander, Carin* Alice Augusta  25 Jan 2005Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6703
10 Malmros, Hildur*  30 Apr 1957Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6006
11 Medin, Matha* Augusta Elisabet  29 Apr 1966Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I1861
12 Moberg, Walter Reinhold Edvin  10 Oct 1960Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I4630
13 Schmidt, Sven* Viktor  23 Oct 1923Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I78
14 Serin, Axel* Gabriel {Tjus}  17 Apr 1957Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I1863
15 Widmark, Carl* Erik*  24 Nov 1982Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I503


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Frick, Elisabeth*  21 Mar 1949Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6050
2 Frick, Lars*  11 May 1874Malmö Sankt Petri (M) I6052


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Visell / Frick  1906Malmö Sankt Petri (M) F2187
2 Wendt / Schmidt   F112