Schmidt and Stenlund Genealogy

Discovering our family roots from the 1500 century to modern times

Nacka (AB)



Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Back, Per Victor* Alexander   I7985
2 Back, Sofia Elisabeth*   I7983
3 Falkenström, Anders Göran*  24 Jun 1905Nacka (AB) I805
4 Falkenström, Bengt* Lennart  1 Jan 1909Nacka (AB) I806
5 Falkenström, Gustav Bertil*  15 Nov 1911Nacka (AB) I807
6 Falkenström, Magnus Gunnar*  26 Aug 1907Nacka (AB) I804
7 Pauli, Hanna* Elisabet   I2062
8 Pauli, Jesper* Barend   I2068
9 Pauli, Kristin* Isabelle   I2063
10 Thurow, Tatjana* Kristina Margaretha   I2839
11 Tuneld, Nanna Margareta Felicitas (Gretel)  27 Nov 1910Nacka (AB) I1077


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bergquist, August Josef Kristoffer  2 Oct 1945Nacka (AB) I2498
2 Bergquist, Tekla Fredrika Charlotta  25 May 1905Nacka (AB) I8493
3 Falkenström, Anders Göran*  8 Dec 1905Nacka (AB) I805
4 Forstrand, Anna Christina Magdalena  23 Apr 1904Nacka (AB) I9873
5 Forstrand, Carl Wilhelm  2 Dec 1928Nacka (AB) I9872
6 Hammarskiöld, Karin* Augusta Sofia  13 Dec 1975Nacka (AB) I5051
7 Hirsch, Hanna*  29 Dec 1940Nacka (AB) I660
8 Johansson, Dagmar Hertha Johanna  19 Jun 1982Nacka (AB) I7467
9 Lundberg, Olga Maria  19 Feb 1955Nacka (AB) I4285
10 Nyblom, Thure Lennart  4 Feb 1947Nacka (AB) I4650
11 Pauli, Georg* Wilhelm  28 Nov 1935Nacka (AB) I659
12 Pauli, Torsten*  29 Sep 1952Nacka (AB) I661
13 von Koch, Gunnar* Magnus Richert  29 Aug 1978Nacka (AB) I4375