Schmidt and Stenlund Genealogy

Discovering our family roots from the 1500 century to modern times

Silk manufacturer Claës Theodor Schmidt & family

Claës Theodor was grandson to Jacob Schmidt dä who came to Sweden from Wismar, Germany about 1764. Since 1500 the family has owned ships and traded the Baltic sea. That ended in a series of crashes 1815 - 1843. Claës Theodor became silkmanufacture and part owner of Casparsson & Schmidt, one of the larges silk factories in Stockholm in 1845. Jochim Schmidt 1669 is root to current Schmidt.


Creating this Family Tree was a journey that started in 1992 and is forever ongoing.....

The starting point was an old Family Tree which was given as a birthday gift to Hugo Schmidt in 1899-Sept-28. My objective has been to find all men and women from Jacob Schmidt dä to modern times. Here are some highlights:

Jonas Persson-Stenlund & family

Jonas Persson is the first who took the name Stenlund. He is the grandfathers father to my wife Sigrid Stenlund-Schmidt. Stenlunds is a family coming from Skellefteå rural parish going back to 1668. Jon Anders Bäcker (soldier, farmer) born in 1721 is the root of current Stenlunds.