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Adolf Fredrik (AB)



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Almgren, Eva Alice Charlotte  28 Jan 1911Adolf Fredrik (AB) I1063
2 Almgren, Ingrid Margareta Maria  2 Jul 1918Adolf Fredrik (AB) I1064
3 Berg, Signe Margareta  23 Apr 1898Adolf Fredrik (AB) I9984
4 Carlén, Axel Harry Georg  10 Aug 1891Adolf Fredrik (AB) I8088
5 Engman, Ingrid* Maria Sofia  21 Nov 1911Adolf Fredrik (AB) I2927
6 Forssner, Gunhild (Gull*) Cecilia  29 Jun 1908Adolf Fredrik (AB) I4458
7 Forssner, John Hjalmar*  12 Oct 1905Adolf Fredrik (AB) I4456
8 Forssner, Sten* Gerhard  7 Apr 1910Adolf Fredrik (AB) I4469
9 Frick, Anton Carl Gösta  12 Jan 1900Adolf Fredrik (AB) I1152
10 Glosemeijer, Dagmar  16 Aug 1901Adolf Fredrik (AB) I8787
11 Hansson, Dagmar* Alexandra  17 Feb 1906Adolf Fredrik (AB) I268
12 Lenti, Brita Margareta  16 Mar 1920Adolf Fredrik (AB) I10400
13 Lundblad, Åke* Stensson  3 Feb 1916Adolf Fredrik (AB) I9985
14 Medin, Alma* Cecilia Matilda  15 Jan 1874Adolf Fredrik (AB) I1853
15 Medin, Hulda* Hildegard Regina  16 May 1875Adolf Fredrik (AB) I1854
16 Nyman, Anders* Gustaf   I9078
17 Nyman, Lisa* Ulrika   I9082
18 Nyman, Mats* Gustaf   I9081
19 Pauli, Ebba* Anna Margareta  28 Jan 1899Adolf Fredrik (AB) I676
20 Pauli, Gösta* Wilhelm Mauritz  28 Apr 1900Adolf Fredrik (AB) I678
21 Pauli, Hans* Albert August Wolfgang  4 Nov 1903Adolf Fredrik (AB) I680
22 Pauli, Marika* (Micka) Anna Klara Wilhelmina  27 Jun 1901Adolf Fredrik (AB) I679
23 Swartz, Edvard Mautitz  15 Feb 1826Adolf Fredrik (AB) I9558
24 Wiechel, Hugo* Ludvig Vilhelm  29 Oct 1920Adolf Fredrik (AB) I7619
25 Åkerlind, Birgit Sofia  11 Feb 1938Adolf Fredrik (AB) I8927
26 Åkerlind, Knut Allan  26 Oct 1928Adolf Fredrik (AB) I8926


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adelborg, Carl Hugo*  9 Jun 1956Adolf Fredrik (AB) I4798
2 Arvidsson, Fanny Sofia  18 Sep 1923Adolf Fredrik (AB) I10102
3 Bexell, Anna* Margareta Josefina  11 Feb 1991Adolf Fredrik (AB) I1364
4 Ekström, Per Erik Gustaf  8 Mar 1944Adolf Fredrik (AB) I6309
5 Fredriksson, Valda Anna Maria  13 Sep 1940Adolf Fredrik (AB) I1105
6 Granström, Gustaf Abraham  17 Jan 1941Adolf Fredrik (AB) I8810
7 Ouchterlony, Emil Mauritz Fabian  24 Jun 1922Adolf Fredrik (AB) I6521
8 Pripp, Johan Wilhelm  30 Jun 1914Adolf Fredrik (AB) I10101
9 Schmidt, Agnes Elisabeth* Henrietta  18 Nov 1897Adolf Fredrik (AB) I66
10 Schmidt, Clara Augusta*  11 Jun 1902Adolf Fredrik (AB) I46
11 Schmidt, Hugo* Leonard  25 Feb 1901Adolf Fredrik (AB) I41
12 Siösteen, Anna Ragnhild  18 Jul 1960Adolf Fredrik (AB) I3611
13 Siösteen, Sten Ragnar  26 Jan 1949Adolf Fredrik (AB) I3614
14 Stenberg, Hedvig Maria Christina  3 Jul 1924Adolf Fredrik (AB) I8148
15 Stålbrand, Alma Mathilda Hildegard  29 Jun 1908Adolf Fredrik (AB) I3821
16 Swartz, Olof* Petrus  18 Sep 1818Adolf Fredrik (AB) I9553
17 Sökjer-Petersen, Margarethe {Gethe*}  20 Aug 1955Adolf Fredrik (AB) I4471
18 Thunman, Carolina Fredrika Amalia  7 Jul 1887Adolf Fredrik (AB) I225


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hedenlund / Bexell  20 Jun 1892Adolf Fredrik (AB) F54


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Ledel / Almgren  29 Mar 1979Adolf Fredrik (AB) F549