Schmidt and Stenlund Genealogy

Discovering our family roots from the 1500 century to modern times

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Olga*  ?? Mar 1888Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I5868
2 Buddendorf, Bill {Billy}  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I10203
3 Buddendorf, Carole  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I10201
4 Buddendorf, Edna*  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I10204
5 Buddendorf, Eileen*  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I10207
6 Buddendorf, Florence* H  3 Nov 1901Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I5849
7 Buddendorf, Helen*  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I10206
8 Buddendorf, James E {Jim}  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I10200
9 Buddendorf, Janet*  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I10208
10 Buddendorf, Kathleen*  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I10202
11 Buddendorf, MaryAnn*  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I10209
12 Buddendorf, Rosanne*  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I10205
13 Buddendorf, Stan* A  22 Feb 1942Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I5844
14 Buddendorff, Edward*  1898Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I2221
15 Buddendorff, Frederick William Joseph {Fred*}  10 Jul 1905Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I2223
16 Buddendorff, John* George  26 Dec 1910Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I2225
17 Buddendorff, Mary*  20 Aug 1900Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I2222
18 Buddendorff, William* J  5 Mar 1909Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I2224
19 Curtis, Henry L  17 Mar 1859Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I9701
20 Davis, Anna* Elisabeth  1 Jan 1915Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I5934
21 Ely, Frances*  25 Sep 1909Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I10195
22 Ely, Marion* L  18 May 1911Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I10199
23 Ely, Rupert A  14 Oct 1907Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I10194
24 Schaar, Benjamin Michael Johan David   I6817
25 Schaar, Gustav Daniel   I8929
26 Starr, Donald Joseph  4 Dec 1930Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I10197
27 Starr, Robert Bernhardt  26 Jul 1900Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I10196


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Buddendorf, Florence* H  23 Jan 1920Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I5849
2 Buddendorff, Maria Louisa Fredericka Agusta {Mary*}  26 Jul 1902Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I2226
3 Buddendorff, Mary*  7 Dec 1931Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I2222
4 Curtis, Joseph*  27 Nov 1896Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I2227
5 Davis, Anna* Elisabeth  18 Feb 1989Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I5934
6 Ely, Marion* L  29 Jan 1919Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I10199
7 Ely, Rupert A  24 Apr 1932Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I10194
8 Starr, Robert Bernhardt  ?? Jan 1951Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US I10196


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Buddendorff / Davis  1936Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US F985